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Start Up Business

Tap in to your inner Entrepreneur!

We all know that beginnings can be difficult, especially in the business world.

Making the very first steps involves challenges and strains for any type of small business. For any start-up companies, these challenges can be rather intense and stressful and start-ups are expected to be on the cutting edge of their industries. Even if they receive any funding, they need to present a savvy and professional image if they want to be taken seriously.

But how do you attain that image when you don’t have the resources or experience yet?

Every start-up business needs a great look but few start-ups have the budget to hire a full-time designer to answer all of their design needs and to develop a visual identity, and prepare marketing promotional material.

Here are a few tips to help the budding entrepreneur…


One design territory that start-ups can conquer without the help of a professional is that of website building and you can create your own website that excels in both looks and functionality. A simple online search will bring you to WordPress, Wix and the like and you can use templates so that that you have a powerful website to act as the foundation of your online presence. The website will also be SEO friendly and you can control the content to keep it updated in the manner that google likes.


Logo & Branding

Your company logo is one of the core elements of your brand identity. You need a logo design that really captures your company in an image. When it comes to creating a logo, there are many available tools that offer online logo design and you can choose to use a DIY tool, like Logo Garden or Zillion Designs or the LogoScopic Studio app or you could also hire a freelance professional to design a custom logo,


Stock image banks provide small business with a tremendously valuable service and they give you a massive variety of high-quality photographs and visuals for a fair price or free if you look for them. The problem with image banks is that many of the photos they offer can look unauthentic and so remember that the purpose of the images you buy is to engage your target market and ensure you have images that can resonate with the likely customer.

Get Your Content from Your Audience

A great method of getting fans and followers to share their content with you is to hold a competition that involves pictures or visual submissions. You can also encourage followers and clients to create content by integrating social sharing such as by inviting them to share images of themselves engaging with your product.

If you would like to handover the help to a professional to take on all this responsibility and build a quality website, create modern designs manage your social median and to look after your content marketing then all these tools are held within the #marketingtoolbox